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Paramus, NJ - January 18, 2002 - Indus Consultancy Services (ICS) started the year off by announcing the availability of Kronos Enterprise Scheduler 3.10, a full-featured job scheduling system written for the Enterprise Java (J2EE) environment. This release adds a new Result File Tracking feature, several bug fixes, and support for the latest releases of jBoss and Tomcat.

Result File Tracking is a powerful new feature that enables users to view files generated by a job execution from their workstations. For example, the execution of a job may in part result in the generation of one or more PDF files, or perhaps a Word document or Excel spreadsheet. Through the Kronos Enterprise Scheduler API, the job can notify the scheduler server components of the files it generated. Those files are then tracked in the database according to the execution ID. Using the Job Monitor, an end-user can view the history of job executions, and see a list of the files generated by each subsequent execution. Selecting a file, the Job Monitor can, in most cases, bring up the native application for viewing that file; for example, Adobe Acrobat to view the PDF file.

Kronos Enterprise Scheduler also adds support for the latest release of the jBoss Application Server (version 2.4.4) using either Tomcat 3.2.3 or Tomcat 4.0.1 for the Web Server.

Find out why customers around the globe are selecting Kronos Enterprise Scheduler 3.10 to handle their scheduling needs. Whether you are looking for an end-user tool to manage scheduling of system or application jobs throughout your enterprise, or whether you are looking for a powerful API to bring scheduling functionality to your own applications, Kronos Enterprise Scheduler continues to add innovative features that keep it ahead of the competition. visit product page at Request a FREE 30-day evaluation and see for yourself why Kronos Enterprise Scheduler remains the most comprehensive solution on the market today.

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