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Paramus, NJ - March 28, 2002 - Indus Consultancy Services (ICS) today announced a major new release of Kronos Enterprise Scheduler, a full-featured J2EE job scheduling system that companies around the world in diverse markets from health care to energy providers have come to rely on for managing the scheduling of batch and event-driven jobs within their enterprise.

Version 4.00 adds the new concept of File Triggered Jobs, an integrated Job Agent component, performance improvements, new job management features, improved UNIX support, and support for additional databases and application servers.

One of the most anticipated features of the new version is File Triggered Jobs. A File Trigered Job is a job which executes upon the change in state of a file, specified either by filename or file extension. File Triggered Jobs can be defined to execute upon creation, modification, or deletion of the file, or any combination of those. For example, a job could be defined which executes anytime that a file with a "SQL" extension was created or modified. The job might then process that SQL file, loading data into a corporate database. "This is a significant new enhancement that gives users more control over the timing of job executions," explained Dale V. Georg, Product Manager for Kronos Enterprise Scheduler. "It was also the key to our most recent sale to a major US energy supplier."

Maintenance of the Kronos Enterprise Scheduler deployment is made easier by the introduction of an integrated Job Agent. The Job Agent combines the Job Executor and Command Manager from previous releases into sub-components of a single process, and adds a third sub-component, the File Monitor, for supporting File Triggered Jobs. This integration allows the system administrator to only have to configure a single component on each of the machines in a Kronos Enterprise Scheduler deployment.

Continuing their commitment to officially support as many J2EE platforms as possible, ICS has added support for the Sybase EAServer 4.1 application server and the Sybase Adaptive Server database to Release 4.00. "We already have customers using Adaptive Server," said Mr. Georg. "But this release makes the support official, with the inclusion of Sybase database scripts."

Similarly, UNIX support has been improved. While several customers are running against UNIX-based platforms such as AIX, Solaris, and HP-UX, this is the first release of the product to contain UNIX installation, configuration, and start-up scripts. Re-direction of output from Command Tasks to output files has also been improved to work better on UNIX platforms.

All of the features of Kronos Enterprise Scheduler continue to be available through an open API, which means that the product is perfect not only as an end-user tool, but also as a job scheduling component for bringing scheduling functionality to your own applications.

To find out more about Kronos Enterprise Scheduler, and learn why companies like Definity Health, the Swedish National Debt Office, Direct Hit Data, and others are selecting this powerful and innovative product to handle their scheduling needs, visit the ICS website at Request a FREE 30-day evaluation and see for yourself why Kronos Enterprise Scheduler remains the most comprehensive solution on the market today.

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