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Paramus, NJ - May 31, 2002 - Indus Consultancy Services (ICS) today announced the release of Version 4.10 of Kronos Enterprise Scheduler, a full-featured J2EE job scheduling system that diverse companies around the world from health care managers to energy providers have come to rely on for the scheduling of batch and event-driven jobs within their enterprise.

Version 4.10 has a number of user interface enhancements to simplify the job definition and management process, including:
  • Command Tasks now allow the specification of the Working Directory.
  • In the Job Monitor, if a job execution has result files associated with it, we now display the filename and the directory path in separate fields, for easier viewing.
  • The Job Type Panel in the Job Wizard is easier to understand, with brief descriptions of the purpose of each job type.
  • Multiple E-Mail Attachments are now entered in a list in the UI, rather than in a single field separated by commas.
  • The look-and-feel of the rich-client application can now be set via the file, and layout issues when using non-Windows look-and-feels have been resolved.
  • Error messages have been made more user-friendly.
Another enhancement involves the definition of Weekend Policies and Holiday Policies. The Weekend Policy defines on a job-by-job basis whether or not the job can run on weekends. Similarly, the Holiday Policy defines on a job-by-job basis which holidays (if any) the job is allowed to run on. In previous releases, there were separate rules to define what to do with a job that fell on a weekend if it wasnít allowed to run, and what to do with a job that fell on a holiday if it wasnít allowed to run. The new release defines a single Disallowed Days Rule, that covers both holidays and weekends, and provides a simpler and more error-free means to handle these cases. The Disallowed Days Rule allows you to specify whether the execution should be skipped, moved to the next allowable day, or moved to the previous allowable day.

Kronos Enterprise Schedulerís open API has been enhanced as well, adding methods that accept the full name of a task or job as an identifier, rather than requiring the ID to be passed. This simplifies the integration of the product as a scheduling component in customerís J2EE applications, since it enables them to write code that accesses the jobs by a well-understood name of their choosing, rather than a system-generated ID number.

Finally, Kronos Enterprise Scheduler 4.10 adds support for the MySQL database. Upcoming releases plan to add support for Cloudscape, PostgreSQL, and DB/2, as well as the Weblogic 7.0 and iPlanet 6.5 application servers.

To find out more about Kronos Enterprise Scheduler, and learn why companies like Definity Health, the Swedish National Debt Office, Direct Hit Data, and others are selecting this powerful and innovative product to handle their scheduling needs, visit the ICS website at Request a FREE 30-day evaluation and see for yourself why Kronos Enterprise Scheduler remains the most comprehensive solution on the market today.

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