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Paramus, NJ - October 26, 2001 - Indus Consultancy Services (ICS) today announced the latest release of Kronos Enterprise Scheduler, a full-featured job scheduling system written for the Enterprise Java (J2EE) environment. This new release contains much-anticipated features such as enhanced Java tasks, tighter application server integration, enhanced e-mail support, and support for the latest releases of app servers such as jBoss and Weblogic.

Previous releases of Kronos Enterprise Scheduler have supported three types of tasks: Command Tasks, which allow execution of any command-line program; e-Mail Tasks, which simplify the automated sending of e-mail alerts; and EJB Tasks, which allow method invocation on Enterprise JavaBeans. Release 2.40 introduces two new types of tasks, namely RMI Tasks and Simple Java Tasks. With an RMI Task, you can look up a Java object and invoke a business method on it, while with a Simple Java Task, almost any Java class can be instantiated, and a business method invoked. The addition of these two types of tasks greatly enhances your ability to schedule the execution of application business logic. As with the EJB Task, neither the RMI Task nor the Simple Java Task require any changes to your existing applications. This is a big benefit in cases where it may not be possible or feasible to change the deployed application.

In Release 2.30, Kronos Enterprise Scheduler introduced support for certain pre-defined variables which could be used in e-mail messages, or passed to Command Tasks as parameters. With Release 2.40, these variables can be passed as method parameters on any of the Java tasks as well. This allows information about the executing job to be passed along to your application code.

e-Mail Tasks have been enhanced as well. They can now be executed from any machine where a Kronos Command Manager is running, rather than requiring execution on the application server machine. One of the benefits to this is that an e-Mail Task that executes upon failure of a Command Task can now run on the same machine as that Command Task, and include its log file as an attachment.

From a process management perspective, both the Kronos Job Executor and the local Kronos Command Manager processes can be run as "startup classes" under versions of Weblogic, WebSphere, and jBoss. This means that when the application server is started and/or stopped, the appropriate Kronos Enterprise Scheduler processes are started and/or stopped as well. Remote Command Manager processes now have the ability to auto-recover when the app server is restarted, further ensuring a smooth turnaround with minimal user intervention.

So whether you are looking for an end-user tool to manage scheduling of system or application jobs throughout your enterprise, or whether you are looking for a powerful API to bring scheduling functionality to your own applications, Kronos Enterprise Scheduler continues to add innovative features that keep it ahead of the competition. visit product page at Request a FREE 30-day evaluation and see for yourself why Kronos Enterprise Scheduler remains the most comprehensive solution on the market today.

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