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Since the advent of software, the project life cycle has required lengthy and expensive testing before deployment. As application software has grown in complexity, so has the complexity of testing it. The move to client/server and web-based computing has further increased the cost and need for testing. These changes in computing models and software development methodologies have made manual testing methods almost obsolete. A new age of automated software quality testing has arrived. ICS has the expertise, flexibility, commitment, and quality management solutions (QMS) to assist clients in delivering quality applications within budget and on time.

An automated testing solution includes quality products and services and requires a significant transfer of knowledge. ICS has assisted clients in multiple ways to implement such solutions. We believe in working to understand our clients' business challenges in order to suggest the best solutions using a combination of technologies.

Our QMS Quality Assurance and Testing services include:
  • QA Architecture
  • Test Planning, Setup and Execution
  • Regression and Stress Testing
  • Regression and Stress Testing of Web-Based Applications
  • Automated Software Testing and Integration
  • Tools Evaluation
  • Mentoring and Knowledge Transfer
ICS has developed QA test beds and application testing frameworks using tools from Mercury Interactive, such as WinRunner, LoadRunner, and TestDirector. ICS also offers consulting services for Wily Technology’s Introscope, a proven Enterprise Java Application Management solution that brings unprecedented quality control to J2EE applications, both in development as well as in production.

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